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QuoteDan and the folks at Check Assist have done an outstanding job for Apple Market. After nearly ten years we have seen effective collections of over 90%. That's over ninety percent of over $100,000.00 in return checks over a 10 year period. We couldn't have ever acomplished this "in house" nor do I know of any service with that kind of collection success -- We are customers for life.End quote
David Apple
Apple Market
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Check Collection isn’t rocket science, but it is definitely a full-time job

Check collection services - Check Assist FloridaLike NASA, great companies recognize that they can’t do amazing things without a committed team and attention to detail.  And regardless of size, every organization has its bottom line affected by bad checks.  Let’s be honest here:  If you accept checks, you’ll eventually receive a bad one.  But that shouldn’t stop you from accepting checks as a form of payment.

Admittedly, there appear to be drawbacks whether or not your business accepts checks.  Some business owners fear accepting checks because they risk committing valuable resources – time, energy and labor – to recovering their hard-earned funds.  Others fear losing business as a result of not accepting checks for payment.  Which is the lesser of two evils?

The Freedom to do business without fear

Resolve this dilemma by partnering with Check Assist.  Keep your sales, customer relations and brand image high by accepting checks as a payment method.  When you do receive a bad check, we will recover the funds for you.  This allows you to maintain a dedicated focus on operating your business.  Greater focus allows for heightened attention to detail, which in turn affords your bottom line the opportunity for growth.

Check Assist can free your organization from the fear associated with check-based payments.  With us a part of your team, you have the freedom to do business without fear.  And without fear, amazing things are possible.

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Check Assist Florida Testimonials