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QuoteI've been using Check Assist longer than I can remember. I was using them when I worked for Midas Muffler and they were extremely helpful back them. When I opened my own shop over seven years ago I called them and continued using them. They always take time to answer my questions and have been great at recovering bad checks. I highly recommend their service.End quote
Gerald F Gillis Sr
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Check Assist Florida Testimonials

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Your good will ambassadors at all times

“No one likes being the bad guy,” says Check Assist President Dan Pollak, “but it’s one of the key advantages that we offer business owners; we’ll turn up the heat, at the right time, and the business operator doesn’t have to dirty his hands and still—always—gets to be the good guy and preserve that customer relationship.”

Check Assist prides itself on understanding the psychology of the check writer; or more accurately, the psychologies of the different types of situations where we deal with check writers who have a check returned for non-sufficient funds.

“Sometimes, it’s a casual mistake and the writer will take care of the problem promptly,” says Pollak, “and that’s why we always start the process from the ‘firm but fair’ vantage point. From there, based on how communications go, we respond based on a number of personality types and ‘personas’ we’ve developed in our process.”

This sophisticated, cutting-edge approach to debt collection ensures that the business owner can sleep easy at night, knowing that they’re getting the maximum bang for their buck and that their collection agency is never reckless with their corporate image.

This has been Dan Pollak’s approach for eleven years owning this company in Pensacola, and it’s why Check Assist has one the best reputations in the industry. Dan has built solid systems—a combination of cutting edge technology and down-to-earth common sense—that ensure Check Assist can do the best possible job collecting your returned checks.

Check Assist Florida Testimonials