Check Assist Florida - Check Recovery and Check Verification
QuoteIt took me out of the "Bad Guy Loop". Now I can do what I'm good at... working!End quote
Wanda Mercer
Check Assist Florida Testimonials

The Check Assist Advantage

When you do business with Check Assist…

  • You only have to pay a one-time membership fee. After that, our services are FREE*. We only get paid when we collect your money (and when we do, we are paid by the check writer, not you). You get 100% of the check’s face value. 
  • You get rapid, professional results from a company with one of the best collection rates in the industry.
  • You get a team of dedicated professionals committed full-time to recovering your returned check.
  • You get a higher likelihood of check recovery from our cutting-edge technology, refined skip-tracing methods, and access to proprietary, subscription-based databases.
  • You get polished collection efforts from a company who staunchly protects your corporate image, especially concerning as sensitive an issue as check collection.

*Extra cost is associated with verification equipment, Check Guarantee and Check Conversion.

Check Assist Florida Testimonials