Check Assist Florida - Check Recovery and Check Verification
QuoteI dread making collection calls and therefore am not effective at it. Check Assist makes collecting bad checks a no thought process and they are successful at collecting these bad debts in the vast majority of cases. I would recommend Check Assist's services to anyone that accepts checks as part of their daily business.End quote
Lance Coy DVM
Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic
Check Assist Florida Testimonials

The Check Assist Advantage

When you do business with Check Assist…

  • You only have to pay a one-time membership fee. After that, our services are FREE*. We only get paid when we collect your money (and when we do, we are paid by the check writer, not you). You get 100% of the check’s face value. 
  • You get rapid, professional results from a company with one of the best collection rates in the industry.
  • You get a team of dedicated professionals committed full-time to recovering your returned check.
  • You get a higher likelihood of check recovery from our cutting-edge technology, refined skip-tracing methods, and access to proprietary, subscription-based databases.
  • You get polished collection efforts from a company who staunchly protects your corporate image, especially concerning as sensitive an issue as check collection.

*Extra cost is associated with verification equipment, Check Guarantee and Check Conversion.

Check Assist Florida Testimonials